Everybody knows, that COOP is not the cheapest in Switzerland, but they do offer a lot for owners of Supercard. From personal vouchers, and free products to a point collecting program – Superpoints. If you are willing to do some research before your shopping trips, you can save quite a good amount of money in the long term. From the to time, COOP offers free vouchers, either in App or physically in the store.

What are Superpoints?

They are a form of “cashback” for your spending in COOP and their other companies (Interdiscount, Fust, Bau, Hobby etc…). Normally you get 1 point per 1 CHF spent. That translates to 1% cashback. And this you will get with every purchase after providing your Supercard at the checkout.

However, there are a lot of ways how to earn more Superpoints, mainly by activating vouchers in the Supercard app. Usually, those are 10/20x multipliers for selected products or groups of products.

A few times a year there are games in the Supercard app, where you can win vouchers for discounts or even free products, so it definitely makes sense to check the app often.

What can you do with Superpoints ?

Okay, nice, but what can I do with those Superpoints? Well here is the list of what you can do with those:

Pay for your groceries in the shop

You have the possibility to convert each 1000 Superpoints to 10 CHF. You can then use that digital balance to pay in the store. Clear and easy

Buy products in Superpoints shop

Coop has a dedicated shop, where you can buy products completely or partially for Superpoints. There are a lot of vouchers, electronics, training equipment, etc… Visit the Prämien shop.

Transfer them to your friend/family

You can also send the points to your friends and family, who may have a better use case for those points.

Sell them on tutti.ch

Referring to the sending to friends, you can also send them to strangers if you want. This is, in my opinion, the most lucrative way how to spend the Superpoints. The reason for this is that usually, you can sell them for more than they are worth. Usually, you can sell them for 1.1-1.2x of their nominal value. So you can get 12 CHF for 1000 Superpoints instead of 10CHF, which is 20% more. And you can then spend the money elsewhere too.

Voucher for Superpoints

There is this special voucher 5x Superpoints on each purchase in physical form, which works only when you use Coop’s Passabene system. You can use either the Passabene app on the phone or the in-store scanners. I will not go through the details on how to use this, you can read it here.

5x Superpoints COOP

Here is what the voucher looks like. It is valid until the end of the year 2022. You should not print it and use it in the shop.

The vouchers are available on the self-checkout terminals, right on top of the machine. If not you can always ask the COOP staff if they have any. Nevertheless, with the voucher, you are multiplying your cashback to 5%, which is amazing. In other words, everything is 5% cheaper.

By Jozef

Jozef likes to save money. The money he saves, he likes to invest.


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