Here is a quick tip on how to transfer Coop superpoints to another person. I don’t really know why Coop has hidden it that well.

Steps to send supertpoints

1. PrerequisitesYou only need the super card number of the person to which you are transfering the points
2. Login to supercard.chvisit this link
3. Send the pointsvisit this link and click on the button “Transfer Superpoints”
Tranfer superpoints - coop website
4. Fill in the detailsA small popup will appear. You will see your Supercard ID and your Balance. Fill in the target Supercard ID and the number of points to be transferred. Click continues and it’s done.
Tranfer superpoints Form - coop website

And you are done. I would expect it will be available in supercard app, as it already contains most of the functions to manage your supercard and superpoints. Bet yeah, there you go.

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By Jozef

Jozef likes to save money. The money he saves, he likes to invest.


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